Secure payment

Our secure payment offer with 3Dsecure

Use of Visa / Mastercard / Paypal


Can be used in the "CB" System:

* the cards on the figures the mark "CB"

* cards approved "CB" that is to say:

     > cards bearing only the Visa or MasterCard marks whose acceptance in the "CB" System has been approved by the GIE "CB",

     > cards issued in the framework of foreign or international networks approved by the GIE "CB" and whose Acceptor "CB" can obtain the signs of recognition from the Purchaser "CB".

     > those defined in the Special Conditions.


Special conditions


The secure remote card payment system "CB" is based on the use of "CB" cards or "CB" cards for the payment of purchases of goods or services to the Acceptors adhering to the "CB" System. this only within the framework of the provisions and procedures defined or approved by the GIE "CB". When the Purchaser "CB" represents the GIE "CB", the term "representation" concerns only all the technical conditions of acceptance of the "CB" Card or "CB" approved cards.